Aging – not a nightmare anymore!


Fighting the aging process is one of the common problems these days. Often the solution is simple and in front of us and we neglect to take a look.

Anti Aging Tips

Some very basic stuff that we know, yet miss out on our daily routine.

1. Stimulate your brain :-Keep your brain vibrant and sharp. An active brain reduces the aging of the cells.

2. Balanced Diet :-Having a good healthy diet is another key factor to postpone the aging process. Drink 5 to 8 oz of water everyday. A good filling of vegetables and fruits, with enough quantity of unsaturated fatty acid provides with all the minerals, vitamins and proteins to make you Jason Hope look young. Adding a sufficient amount of antioxidants in your diet is a vital contributor to reduce the aging process.

3. Exercise or Physical Activity :-Regularly exercising retains your youth, no doubt! In case you cannot afford to exercise everyday, at least give your body the required physical activity. This will keep your muscles fit and healthy.

4. Sleep well/Relax :-Did you know that having a sound sleep for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours in the night is essential to make you look young? While you sleep, the mind and body relaxes and energy is rebuilt. The cells and tissues are repaired and regrown. This regeneration process works against aging.

Anti Aging Home Remedies :-Simple treatments that you could afford to do at the convenience of your house.

1. Wash you face every night before going to sleep with a cleanser.

2. Use Homemade packs:-a. Egg packb. Carrot and potato packc. Yogurt packd. Rose water packe. Coconut milk packf. Banana packg. Papaya pack.

3. Use of regular moisturizer4. Massaging the body with sesame oil every morning.

5. Taking fish oil capsule – 500 mg in the morning and night.

6. Avoid white sugar. It accelerates the aging process by weakening the collagen in the skin, thereby causing premature wrinkles and sagging.

7. Use a sunblock while going out in the sun.



What’s in the news about Anti Aging?

1. Scientists hail the most advanced anti aging serum :-Scientists suggest that the aging process is related to the DNA and will be different for different individuals. A microchip that can be used to generate the DNA sequence in 30 minutes, can exactly tell you the extent to which your body has aged. The medication process can be altered based on every individual’s need. This is more likely to encourage public to enter into an era of personalized medicine for aging at a comparatively lower cost.

2. Man’s best friend is a key factor to anti aging?Recent research have shown that a drug, rapamycin has proved to extend the life of mice by 10%. It acts as protein that is involved in cell growth and reduces inflammation, which occurs with aging. This drug is also said to dispose off the garbage of dead cells that is collected in our body. After the test conducted on mice, studies are going on, to add this in dog food. If it proves to be success, it can be tried on larger animals. However, the whole process will take several years.

3. Change your pillow positionThis is to bring to the notice for those who sleep on their sides. Sleeping on your back with your face up has been proved to be the best sleeping position. Squashing your face against the pillow increases wrinkles. While sleeping on your back protects your face, it also helps to expand your rib cage to allow a much better and bigger breath.

4. Holiday Foods that have surprising Anti Aging benefits.

a. Sweet Potatoes :- They are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and copper. Copper increases collagen production and hence good skin elasticity and firmness. b. Cranberries :- The anti oxidants in this fruit fights the aging process.

c. Beet :- This vegetable rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Manganese and Fiber improves blood flow, aids in weight loss and increases the endurance of the body cells.

d. Green Beans :-Being rich in Vitamin C and silicon, it protects the skin and bones from degrading.

e. Root vegetables :- They are a good source of anti oxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It protects our eyes and hair.

Aging is a natural process that is inevitable. By following some of these tips, it can be delayed, but not avoided.